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Why to Decorate With Antiques

Why to Decorate With Antiques

By James1984 Thompson

Many individuals are collecting antiques as their hobby. Some do this because they want to know the culture of the people who made these antiques. Other individuals collect antiques because of the age of the item, the uniqueness of the item, or the rarity of it. There are different reasons why collectors love to have antiques, but why to decorate with antiques.

One of the main reasons why to decorate with antiques is that it can highlight different parts of the house. If you put an antique piece in your living room, it can add elegance to the living room. This is a good idea especially if you want to make the room look more special. If the room looks boring, you can spice it up by simply decorating it with the antiques that you are collecting.

Also a reason why to decorate with antiques is that it can compliment other furniture in your house. If the furniture in the room makes it look dull, it is a great idea to compliment the furniture with an antique. This will make the room and the furniture more attractive than it was before. Some furniture really needs some item to compliment them in order for them to be noticeable.

This also goes the other way around with other antique items and furniture. If the antique furniture is too noticeable for the room, you may want to add an antique painting, vase, rugs, or figurine near or on top of the antique furniture. By doing this the antique furniture which earlier was too noticeable for the room will blend in perfectly. This is due to that the attention that might be given to the furniture will be redirected to the antique ornaments.

Other reasons of why to decorate with antiques is due to that if you display such an item you will be showcasing the art and culture of the people who made it. This is a great idea especially if you have kids. Because when you display antique items to showcase the arts and culture of the makers of the antique item, you are teaching your children about the history and culture of certain peoples.

If you really just want to see and appreciate fine and rare arts, it is a great idea to have your antique collection on display in your room. Also, decorating your room with antique will not only satisfy you but it will also satisfy the taste of other people that visits your room.

There are different reasons why to decorate with antiques. But, the entire effect on decorating your room with antiques is the same. You want to make that certain room more beautiful. However, you must consider several things when decorating the room with antiques. One of the things you must consider is that the room should compliment with the antique. You don’t want to place an antique together with a digital appliances or gadgets. Also, you don’t want to decorate the room with so many antiques because the room will not look great if it’s swarming with antiques. It is best to have the appropriate number of antiques to display.

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Guide to Purchasing Antiques

Guide To Purchasing Antiques

By Sue Jan

Antiques are a great way to adorn your rooms. But there are several things to consider before you buy that rare antique item that you have been looking for so long.

Antiques can be any collectible item that has aesthetic value and is approximately 100 years old or even more. Grand clocks, pianos, jewelry items, vintage fashion, silverware, ivory or Faberge eggs are just some examples of desirable antiques. People have their own particular preference for different antique pieces, such as antique clock or antique Chinese porcelain etc.

The first thing to consider is the originality and history of the antique you intend to buy. As rare antiques come at higher prices, you would not want to be fooled by fake replicas. Many antique sellers often put up retouched items for sale. But antiques look best when they are not refurbished though you should not buy items with defects. It is the originality that makes an antique item precious.

Before buying you must do proper research on the antique item. The internet is the best place to do research on antique items as it can provide valuable information regarding global antique prices and the history of antique items. You should also be careful about antique reproductions. If you are new and have not done proper research, it will be difficult to tell the difference between a reproduction from the original. Antique pieces should show some wear and tear and these small details are something to look out for. If the item looks flawless than it probably is not an authentic antique.

The best places to buy antiques are at antique auctions. Buying from a reputable auction house or an antique store will ensure that the antique collectible is genuine, as it should also come with certificates of originality. To get that coveted item you should visit the antique auctions regularly. Garage sales are also a good place to buy as you may often get rare antiques at a very cheap price, but do make sure that it is original. Though the internet is a useful source of information, this is not the case when buying antiques online. A first hand look at the antique product is not possible on the internet and the website photos often hide the defects and deficiencies.

Proper care and maintenance should be taken to preserve antique items for ages. When buying an item, gather information about proper antique storage and antique preservation methods. Items should be kept in moderately humid and cool places. Direct sunlight should be avoided. The antiques should be handled carefully. Excessive cleaning sometimes ruins the originality of the antique.

First-time buyers can also buy general antique guides for research and guidance on starting their antique collection. Guides on specific antique items are also available.

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What is a Primitive Antique Anyway?

Primitive Country Furniture

By Jesse Akre

Country furniture has been a staple of American homes since the country was first founded. Today, primitive country furniture is neither primitive or old, but it does recall a time when life was simpler, fine furniture was cherished and families often passed down their most prized pieces from one generation to another.

With this in mind, modern primitive country furniture was born. Even though these pieces are new, they have been aged and weathered to give them that generations-old look that many homeowners prize as a theme for their home, whether it’s a single room or the entire house.

Primitive country furniture is easy to spot, yet not all that easy to define. The finish is usually the first thing you’ll notice. The paint may look crackled, there may be wear marks around the drawers or the drawer pulls and the surface of the wood may be careworn and have a few imperfections.

But don’t let its looks fool you. Underneath that weather-beaten finish lies a quality piece of furniture that takes advantage of the latest in manufacturing techniques as well as the innovative techniques to make the furniture look older than it is.

Primitive country furniture is a real treasure to behold and many people love its quirky qualities that are all intentionally placed there to add depth, charm and a bit of history to each piece.

You can find this type of furniture for any room in the home, right down to cabinets for the bathroom that look as if they were around long before indoor plumbing was fashionable. All that’s missing is the kerosene lanterns and the water pump at the wash basin.

In the bedroom, you can purchase primitive country bed frames, dressers, armoires and nightstands, all with that wonderful weathered, used look that up until recently, only time could add to a piece of furniture. And it can create wonderful contrasts between the old and new, such as an entertainment center armoire in the country style that opens up to display a state-of-the-art 3D plasma screen.

That’s one of the great things about the primitive country style. It can create such great contrasts, looking as if you just raided grandma’s attic to bring home all these amazing relics from the past that are actually very modern, beautiful and truly timeless in character.

When looking for furniture in this style, remember that all the same old rules apply. You want to be sure that the furniture is well built and finely crafted. Even though the pieces are supposed to look old, the drawers should travel in and out easily, cabinet doors should close tightly and not sag, the hardware should look timeworn but not cheap and the wood should be carefully and professional aged. That means it shouldn’t look like a gang of bikers went nuts with some chains on the wood. Aging these products is an art form and quality pieces are aged deliberately rather than randomly.

The same is true of the finish on the wood. Most of these pieces are painted, so they can do additional aging to make the crackled, worn and slightly yellowed appearance look authentic, like it really came from an old farmhouse or Depression era home in the Midwest. A quality piece of primitive country furniture will have a finish that is consistent throughout the piece. That means the drawer and cabinet facings should match the rest of the dresser, armoire, entertainment center or nightstand.

Once you have primitive country furniture in your home, be sure to look at them from afar, then close up. Go back and forth a few times. A quality piece will look as good up close as it does from across the room. In fact, it should look better, since the details of the crackled paint and worn edges with other layers of paint showing through should really shine when you’re standing right next to it.

One thing’s for sure. Primitive country furniture won’t go out of style any time soon. It honors the finest traditions in American homes – handing down heirloom quality pieces from one generation to the next – creating continuity and familiarity that adds an additional touch of hominess to your living spaces.

Even though they weren’t handed down initially, trust that these pieces will be handed down to generations to come. For they are both beautiful and finely crafted, meant to last years, if not a lifetime.

About the Author: Jesse Akre owns Edenvale Shoppes and hosts numerous furniture and furnishings for any home whether it be kitchen racks or furniture console tables styles and designs.


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