Antiques And Design In 2013

Antiques And Design In 2013

Antiques And Design In 2013
By Jerry Cahalan

How will the popularity of antiques be affected by new design trends? What comes first? The antique or the era that we live in. We will see how the antique will always reign and will be first choice for the purists that love them. In 2013 we will be seeing old becoming newly interpreted and refreshed and we’ll be faced with buying the original or going over to the mass-produced and newly interpreted version. Mid-century is back in, thanks to shows like Mad Men. There is a yearning for those old iconic looks of Frank Sinatra and his friends drinking their martini, smoking and sitting in a lounge. Think avocado green leather seats, silver martini shakers, hammered ice buckets, and old movie star pictures. Antique barware is hot and the Danish modern consoles that used to hold our hi fi’s back in the 70’s are now outfitted to be our bar and to house our flat screen tv’s.

Our “vintage” antique gems are sold mass -produced by all of the usual suspects, Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, Ikea, West Elm with their own design twist and interpretation. The original danish modern furniture will be coveted as it still stands up to the test of time and buying old is the “green”, environmentally, popular way to go today. People who collect and use antiques love the “provenance of the old piece” and know that it will help them have that “collected look” rather than the brand new version. Along with the mid-century furniture we will be seeing fabric from that same era. Chevron is back as well as Greek-Key, Global and ethnic patterns. Ikat is still hanging on with great color combinations of red and pink, turquoise and orange, grey and blue and the new color of Emerald Green will start showing up in art, fabrics and home decor. Jewel tones are back and will be seen on the runway.

This year will also see Art Deco come back into favor. That Hollywood glam period with mirrored furniture and beautiful lighting features. Everything gold and silver combined to make that opulent look of the 20’s. The TV show Boardwalk Empire, as well as the soon to be released “Great Gatsby” will push the “Twenties” to the forefront. The retro look is still hot, but will soften. Smoking jackets, cigars and back room card games will look enticing. Antique ashtrays, matchbook and cigarette holders will be on everyone’s coffee table along with books of that era. Women’s purses will get slinky and that fabulous look of Zelda Fitzgerald will be seen at the Oscars. Curves on antique furniture will become the norm and the mid-century may wane until it emerges again.

One of the best examples of how far we go back with design is incorporating what the French call “Chinoiserie”. Chinoiserie signifies that chinese-esque style of antiques from as early as the 17th century. Think of lacquered furniture, cane and chippendale chairs, Chinese garden stools, wallpaper incorporating flower branches with a bird of two and it is almost always a repeated design whether it is on the fabric or piece of furniture. The paint on the furniture is jewel toned and always enamel. Vibrant reds and greens dominate this period and we can still see great examples of this look today. Bureaus will be painted in jewel toned enamels. This is a much richer look then the Shabby Chic look that has caught on today.

So what comes first? The antique or the era? I believe that the era of our past will always come back and be coveted by the new generation. It may be interpreted in another way but the look will be carried on in design, trends, which then in turn will be considered antique after it has stood the test of time. It’s nice to think that our childrens’ children will be able to appreciate Kodak Film and 45 records even though they never lived it. So look around you and see what you think will come next? I just heard that a new Star Wars will be coming out with the story of Han Solo. Maybe we’ll be re-thinking robots! The real antique word to remember is “Vintage” and is back to stay for awhile!

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