Antique Collecting can be a rich and rewarding hobby.

Treasure Potts has a large collection of period antiques.
There are many things that people are now able to collect such as baseball cards, 1950’s magazines, silverware, old bottles, old milk cans and pictures, which are all considered to be antiques. It is simple enough to become a collector of antiques and you will eventually find something that you truly love.

Antique collecting is certainly an exciting hobby especially those that find something that they truly love. If you were say a collector of matchboxes ask your family and friends to keep an eye out for new ones to add your collection, you could even offer them a small cash reward for finding ones for adding to your collection. You may even get lucky and be presented with it as a gift.

But you now want to decide on what you are actually going to start your collection on. This is simple, just find something that you love and start your collection. Some people may decide to collect antique silverware picture frames whilst others may decide to collect something as obscure as Macdonald freebies. At the end of the day the choice is yours as to what you collect.

However, once you have made the decision on what you are going to collect then the real fun starts. You will soon find yourself always looking where ever you go and constantly your eyes will stray to the windows of the little antique shops that you pass. Certainly,

this is a big part of the fun of collecting.

Not only is there personal enjoyment to be had in collecting, but another reason for collecting antiques is the possible potential value of the items you have. Just think if you had kept those small Dinky toys with their boxes that you received when you were a child, you would be amazed at just how much they can reach at an antique auction today.

Allison Thompson a work from home mum now living in Spain who has become interested in collecting antiques and has produced a site called Antique Adventures providing information on this subject. If you would like to learn more please go to

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