Antique Jewelry

By Simon Oldmann

Antique Jewelry is often referred to as Vintage Jewelry, this
is the kind of jewelry that dates back a few dozens of years, or
in some cases even hundreds of years, it is clear that the older
the jewelry is the chances of it being worth more increases,
this is not only due to the age, but also due to the techniques
and craftsmanship that was practiced in the past.

Even today jewelry is considered to be a thing of wonder, each
piece of antique jewelry is regarded as unusual, and unique, in
many cases a real one of a kind. Antique jewelry is precious and
rare and is often used to make someone feel very unique and

Today the market for antique jewelry is actually very large,
from the corner shop to auction houses and internet sites, one
must take care to get all of your investment’s worth. Many
people out there are ready and willing to take advantage of a
person’s naivety. Dealing with the amount of money required to
invest in antique jewelry needs a bit of finesse. Anyone who is
interested din getting into the antiques market must be willing
to do some research and learn about the pieces he is interested

When purchasing a piece of antique jewelry you should be well
informed and practiced in checking the jewelry to make sure that
it is authentic and worth whatever price the seller is asking
for. The seams of antique jewelry often say a lot about the
condition of a piece. In fact, the very existence of a seam can
tell you that the piece may have had a previous life. It is
often the case that jewelers will cut a piece of jewelry out of
an antique dress or other old accessories in order to make them
easier to sell.

If you are done looking at the back, then you should check out
the front for any missing stones. Buy one of those special
magnifying glasses used to examine jewelry in order to spot
small flaws in any repairs done in the jewelry.

You should also check out the overall design and style of the
antique jewelry as this will give you a clue as to how old a
piece actually is. This, of course, can give you an estimated
value of the jewelry.

Of course, once you have found a piece of antique jewelry worth
buying, you need to take good care of it. You need to regularly
clean your jewelry and to keep it in a case where you can avoid
the effects of weathering. Antique jewelry can be very delicate,
so if you do not know the proper way to clean it, then have a
professional do it for you.

About the Author: Collecting Antique Jewelry is a passion many
know too well, these collections are valuable, unique and
interesting. If you want to know more about collecting and
dealing with Antique Jewelry visit the Antiques Pages at


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