Daily Specials at The Gap Deli Only $5.50!

Our Specials Will Be Available Beginning Monday, November, 21, 2011!

Pork Tenderloin Biscuit with a Cup of Pintos, Chow-Chow and Cornbread

Monte Christo Chicken Breast on Grilled Amish Bread, Topped with Swiss Cheese, Ham, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Red Onions with Chips and a Pickle

Homemade Meatloaf Sandwich Topped with Pepperjack Cheese and Homemade Ketchup, Grilled with Chips and a Pickle

Grilled Steak Sandwich on a Grilled Bun with Slaw and Tomato, with Chips and a Pickle

Corned Beef, Swiss and Sauerkraut with Thousand Island Dressing on Grilled Rye with Chips and a Pickle

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